A MOSQUITO in my house?!

Hey friends,

Sammy here, writing to tell you that last evening I found a mosquito buzzing around my ears!  INSIDE my house!  Do you know what that means?….. It means that the risk of contracting heartworms is not over yet – even if your pet lives inside! This is a very, very scary problem.

If a mosquito bites me (or your furry friend) now, during November, that means I could still get heartworms – even though the weather is getting cold.  If I didn’t get a dose of heartworm preventive medicine within thirty days from now I would be unprotected from those nasty heartworms.  So, that dose of heartworm medicine that you have a tendency to forget in December, could be the one that either saves or risks my life. 

Heartworms are some nasty little creatures that get under your pet’s skin when a mosquito carrying their larva bites your pet.  Those larva migrate into the bloodstream and then work their way toward your pet’s pulmonary vessels (the blood vessels around the heart and lungs) where they take up residence.  They can grow to up to 12 inches long!  And that’s enough to block up any blood vessel.  They’re not easy to get rid of either.  Once they settle in, they start doing damage to the blood vessels and eventually back up into your pet’s heart.  Killing them requires an arsenic-based medicine that’s really hard on your pet – and, if lots of the worms die simultaneously from the medicine, they too can clog up your pet’s blood vessels causing heart-attack or stroke!  It’s not a pretty picture.  Besides all the risk, the cost for the treatment is really expensive, sometimes running as much as $400 to $500 or more.

But, heartworm can be prevented for a few dollars a month.  Stop by and see your vet, and tell them YOU understand how important heartworm preventative is and you want to make sure you have enough to get through the winter months –   Because, no mosquito should be allowed to kill your best friend.

Ciao for Now,