Dog Suites

Your pet will never feel less than a house guest in these beautiful and spacious surroundings. All of our canine guests will be afforded a lovely tempered glass front suite in which they can enjoy their time away from home. You can book a 6′ x 6′ or 6′ x 9′ suite for your dog, or when available a  6’x 12′ suite which is large enough to accomodate your multiple large dog family.  The suites offer privacy from other guests but still allow for comfortable views and excellent airflow.  Each suite is sanitized daily and the unique construction prevents cross-contamination from other guests. 

All suites are temperature controlled and supplied with your pet’s favorite toys, cozy blankets and bedding – You can use our bedding or if you prefer, bring your own bedding from home.  All bedding is washed as necessary.  (For this reason, if you supply your own bedding, please label it with indelible ink so we can be sure to return it when your pet’s visit is complete.) Come by for a tour.  After you’ve seen these beautiful doggie digs you just may wish you could rent a suite for yourself!