Beware the heat!

Hi Gang,

Sammy here, after a few months of not writing.  Gosh, it’s been so darn hot I haven’t had the energy.  So, I finally pulled it together and decided to write about the heat.  It’s just a reminder to you that as hot as you humans are, it’s just as hot for your furry friends.  We need shade, we need cool water, we need rest – heavens sake – I need air-conditioning in this kind of weather!

And don’t even think about taking me along with you on your daily errands.  As much as your furry friends like to go along, they aren’t thinking about the heat when they see you leave the house and give you that sad, sad look with their big eyes.  They don’t know that as hot as it is outside, the heat inside a car can become life-threatening within a few short minutes, even with the windows cracked open.  Please refuse to give in to those sad pleading looks, and leave them home when it’s this hot outside.

So, shave me down you say!  Hmmm…..probably not the best idea you’ve had.  Dogs’ skin, unlike human skin does not have a large network of vessels made to dissipate heat and moisture.  The dog’s haircoat can actually act as a means to cool and shade the skin, so shaving the hair works the opposite of what you’d expect.  It can expose the skin to sunburn and can actually lead to heat exhaustion.  A well-groomed dog is better able to handle the heat than a matted dog or a shaved dog.

All in all, treat your furry friends like you’d like to be treated in this heat.  Keep us cool, make sure we have water and shade, and rest from too much outside play.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion there are a few things you can do:  Move him to a shady area immediately or into the air-conditioning if possible.  Hose him down with cool water, but not ice water.  Place an ice pack between the forelegs near the chest and between the back legs near the groin.  Use a cool rag on the pet’s head and face, and call your veterinarian immediately.  Heat exhaustion can cause organ and brain damage to your pet and immediate veterinary care is necessary.

Here at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare we’ve been spending most of our time playing indoors.  We’ve got a beautiful indoor play area with rubber matted floors and air-conditioning.  It’s a great place to be a dog during the dog day’s of summer!


Happy Summer to you,

Lots of sloppy wet kisses to you,