Our boutique offers lovely accessories for your feline and canine friends.  We don’t carry big box store items.  We do carry a limited amount of high-end items at affordable prices. 

All toys are personally approved by Sammy the Shepherd, which means they are the toughest we can find. 

We also carry a small collection of books and greeting cards at very reasonable prices.

All treats are of the highest quality, human-grade ingredients.

 TREAT ME TUESDAYS = 10% discount on all edible treats (except for Blue Buffalo)! 



All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare is the exclusive outlet for



Encore Pet Beds are up-cycled, eco-friendly, and no two are alike.  They are hand-made in our local area and these beautiful beds are sturdy enough to hold up to your pet’s daily use.  We know your furry friend is unique, so get him an original, one-of-a-kind Encore Pet Bed.  We know he’ll love it, and so will you!