How Google Works (or doesn’t work)

Hi Folks,

Sammy here to share a little news with you.  I’m just learning about this web page stuff, and I learned today that in order for All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare to be easily found on Google, we have to mention certain words more often….words like kennel, pet boarding, etc.  Gosh, kennel is a word we don’t even use around here, because we think we’re the farthest thing from a kennel.  We think you’ll agree if you come in and take a look at our tempered glass front suites and beautiful play areas.  But, for us to be easily found on Google (the big know-it-all of the internet) we have to say the word kennel!  We also have to start calling ourselves dogs instead of furry friends.  How do you like that???  I feel much more like a furry friend when I’m at All Paws Inn than a dog, but Google doesn’t care.  They need me to be a dog in a kennel!  Hmmmph.

Well, all I can say is that if you need to board a pet (code words for allow your furry friend to vacation with us) in a kennel (more code words since we don’t have any of those here), come in and see our suites, our special synthetic K9 grass, and our rubber flooring in our play areas.  We believe that our facility has features that make us stand head and shoulders above the rest of the “kennels” in the area.  We invite you to come take a tour ANY time – and we mean ANY TIME during regular business hours – to see what we’re all about.  You’re always welcome at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  We are the farthest thing from a kennel when it comes to pet boarding.  And please don’t call me a dog – I’m a furry friend!

Love and sloppy wet kisses,