Professional Training is Coming to All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare

It’s Sammy here, writing to tell you about the happenings at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare. I’ve been told that All Paws Inn pet Resort and Daycare is going to be hosting training classes in the near future! Mom says she has been working hard to bring a trainer to All Paws Inn so I can learn the finer points of being a good household member. Can you imagine that? What does she want from me? A dog who does what she says?? Maybe she wants me to sit on command, or even come when I’m called! It’s hard for me to even think about, but Mom says lots of thought has been going into this partnership, and all of the pet parents are going to be very happy with the arrangement. So, if you’re a dog, keep your ears to the ground, and if your a pet parent, stay tuned to this page. I think there’s a new sheriff in town! I’ll keep you posted.

Slurpy kisses from your misbehaving furry friend, Sammy