New Play Area Addition

Hi Friends,

This is Sammy writing to tell you about some news I’ve been keeping.  If you didn’t already know it, (and most of you regulars do), we’ve done an addition to our play area.  It’s an outdoor extension that has been added on to the indoor area so all of my furry friends and I can move from the indoor to the outdoor area much more easily AND we have more space!  This also means that the big dogs as well as the littler dogs have their own outdoor space and can all be outdoors at the same time without being in each other’s way.  The areas can now be divided into three different play areas or can be opened up into one large play area depending on the circumstances!  Isn’t that great?

So if you haven’t been over to my place to play lately you need to get there right away.  You’re missing out on some real fun.  And remember, on Tuesdays we do class photos so you might want to be there for that!

See you soon!

Love and kisses,


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Summer Bugs

Hi Folks,

Sammy here to remind you now that summer is here, there are a few bugs floating around that you need to protect us from – by us, I mean your furry friends!

Fleas, of course are the bugs that YOU think of first, because they irritate you.  Well, they irritate your furry friends too, but for the most part they’re not life-threatening.  We here at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare recommend a monthly flea preventive used every 30 days to prevent an infestation.  Once you have an infestation on your dog or cat, you can bet it’s in your home – and that’s a tough project to clean up.  It could take up to three months or more to get a flea infestation in your home under control, so prevention is well worth the cost and effort.  And if we find fleas on your pet while they are here at All Paws Inn, you’ll be hearing from us right away.  We are happy to report that so far, all of our furry friends have been flea-free this season.

Next up, are those creepy, crawly bugs called ticks!  Those are some nasty bugs, and they also carry some nasty diseases.  They’re not just a nuisance.  They can carry Lyme disease which can make you and us pretty sick.  They also carry other diseases that you may never have heard of like erlichia and tick paralysis.  At All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare we also recommend that our furry friends be on a monthly tick preventive.  Ticks are rampant in our area, and this season has been especially bad already, so get your pet some tick prevention as soon as possible.

The deadliest, but the one you can’t see at all is Heartworm.  Heartworm is spread by mosquitos, and the mosquito population in our area is highly infected with heartworm.  It only takes one unlucky mosquito bite for your dog to become a heartworm victim, so don’t put his life at risk.  These worms cannot be seen and symptoms are not shown until it’s too late.  You cannot predict whether your dog is safe, even if it is an indoor pet  If left untreated, heartworms kill.  Monthly heartworm preventives can be purchased from your veterinarian for around $10 per month, sometimes less, and are truly a lifesaver for your pet.  Of all the things you shouldn’t skip, THIS IS THE ONE!  Please talk to your veterinarian about preventing heartworm in your pets.

So, keep your furry friends free of these nasty bugs please.

This is a bug-free Sammy, signing off for now – with lots of thankful kisses for the good medical care I get in my adoptive home,


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We now have a Groomer!

Hi Folks,

Just writing a short note to tell you that we now have a FANTASTIC groomer, named Danielle Lamb.  She is really sweet with the dogs and cats, and has some really sweet winter deals as well.  She loves to do really cool stuff, like dyes and feathers and bows, so come on in and experience the latest trends in canine and feline couture.  Of course, my Mom just orders the usual – a nice bath, nail trim, ear cleaning (in other words, the doggy works) – Danielle is great for that too!

So come see us at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare for your grooming needs.  We promise to be prompt, make you smell and look nice, and do it in a way you and your pet parent will love.  Call us for an appointment NOW!  233-PAWS (7297)

Your happily trimmed and nice-smelling friend,



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Treadmill Training for your Furry Friends!


Hi Guys,

Sammy here to tell you about Treadmill Training for dogs at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  Yes, you heard me right!  We CAN teach an old dog new tricks.   Do you have one of those furry friends in your house that’s just full of energy?  Then bring him in to learn how to use a treadmill to burn off some of the excess.

I know alot of you folks have an old treadmill in your house… know, that thing in the bedroom that doubles as a dirty clothes hanger.  Yeh, that thing.  Maybe you use it once in a while and maybe you don’t, but whether you do or not, your dog sure can.  We can train your dog to exercise on the treadmill!  It only takes a few minutes to learn and it can take extra pounds off your dog and extra energy out of him too.

Is your dog destructive around the house?  Does he get anxious when you leave?  Does he tend to play too rough with the children or the other pets?  Many of these things can be helped by giving him a few minutes of exercise on the treadmill in the morning while you get ready for work.  The dog will enjoy the exercise and attention, it will help him focus his energy, you will have a better behaved dog, and your relationship with your pet will improve because of it.   There are numerous benefits to treadmill training, and it is very reasonably priced.  For 15 minutes of training the cost is only $12.  For 30 minutes it’s only $18.  Once your dog knows how to run on the treadmill you can do it at home yourself!

Come by All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare and talk to us about the benefits of Treadmill Training today.  You’ll be happy you did!

See you soon,


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Beware the heat!

Hi Gang,

Sammy here, after a few months of not writing.  Gosh, it’s been so darn hot I haven’t had the energy.  So, I finally pulled it together and decided to write about the heat.  It’s just a reminder to you that as hot as you humans are, it’s just as hot for your furry friends.  We need shade, we need cool water, we need rest – heavens sake – I need air-conditioning in this kind of weather!

And don’t even think about taking me along with you on your daily errands.  As much as your furry friends like to go along, they aren’t thinking about the heat when they see you leave the house and give you that sad, sad look with their big eyes.  They don’t know that as hot as it is outside, the heat inside a car can become life-threatening within a few short minutes, even with the windows cracked open.  Please refuse to give in to those sad pleading looks, and leave them home when it’s this hot outside.

So, shave me down you say!  Hmmm…..probably not the best idea you’ve had.  Dogs’ skin, unlike human skin does not have a large network of vessels made to dissipate heat and moisture.  The dog’s haircoat can actually act as a means to cool and shade the skin, so shaving the hair works the opposite of what you’d expect.  It can expose the skin to sunburn and can actually lead to heat exhaustion.  A well-groomed dog is better able to handle the heat than a matted dog or a shaved dog.

All in all, treat your furry friends like you’d like to be treated in this heat.  Keep us cool, make sure we have water and shade, and rest from too much outside play.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion there are a few things you can do:  Move him to a shady area immediately or into the air-conditioning if possible.  Hose him down with cool water, but not ice water.  Place an ice pack between the forelegs near the chest and between the back legs near the groin.  Use a cool rag on the pet’s head and face, and call your veterinarian immediately.  Heat exhaustion can cause organ and brain damage to your pet and immediate veterinary care is necessary.

Here at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare we’ve been spending most of our time playing indoors.  We’ve got a beautiful indoor play area with rubber matted floors and air-conditioning.  It’s a great place to be a dog during the dog day’s of summer!


Happy Summer to you,

Lots of sloppy wet kisses to you,


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Does Your Furry Friend Get Mental as well as Physical Exercise at Doggy Daycare?

Targeting practice during daycare at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare

Hi Folks,

Sammy here, checking in from daycare this week at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  I’m here to tell you about what we’re doing in this photo to the left.  I know it looks like we’re just lying around sunning ourselves like rock stars.  And of course, we are treated like the rock stars that we are at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare, but that’s not exactly what we’re doing in this photo. We are practicing “targeting”.  Did I hear you thinking, “What in the world is ‘targeting’?”  I’m pretty sure I heard you thinking that.  Well, my dear fur-less friends, let me explain that to you.  Targeting is a training exercise in which we are given a target, in this case a towel, and we are asked to stay on our target.  That’s alot of mental exercise when you’re with a group of rowdy friends.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s like being at a party and having someone ask you to do homework!  Don’t get me wrong – we’re not being punished – we’re enjoying our mental exercise – just look at our huge smiles!  But this does require some mental work.  So we do exercise our minds as well as our lovely bodies at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare. (although this only took all eight of us about 20 minutes to learn.)

Our behaviorist and daycare supervisor, Mickey taught us this little trick.  Think how great this could work in your home, especially when company comes to visit!

So, if you want your furry friend to be exercised mentally as well as physically, then bring them to All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare where we don’t just walk your dogs around in a big circle like at some other places we know.  We DO something with your pets and that something is meaningful to them.  We send your pets home tired mentally as well as physically and that’s good for them and YOU!

Signing off for now,

Rock ON Rock Stars,



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Easter Can Be Dangerous For Pets!

Hi Folks,

Sammy here, stopping by to say I hope you all had a very happy Easter.  I’m assuming that the bunny left candy at everyone’s house, so I want to remind you that as much fun as it is for you, Easter candy can be very dangerous for your furry friends – especially the chocolate variety of candy.  It can be deadly to your pets.

Also, remember that the plastic grass that is used in the bottom of your baskets can be very tempting for your pets.  It can also become dangerous to them if they eat it.  Please keep it out of the reach of your pets.

So with that, I’ll sign off.   Enjoy your Easter evening, and keep your furry family members safe.  Hope to see you all soon at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.


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Doggy Daycare vs. the Wild West (or the local dog park)

Hi Guys,

If any of you have met me, you know that I’m a pretty rough and tumble sort of dog.  I like to mix it up a little and I don’t mind dirt either.  (Mom’s pretty sure that’s how I ended up at a shelter in the first place.)  So when Mom said we were going to the dog park, I was really excited.

When we got there Mom walked me around the outside of the park for a while, and I got the distinct feeling she was deciding whether or not we were going inside.  Meanwhile I was hyper-excited about it.  There were about 30 dogs in there, running wild, jumping and playing, knocking each other down, growling, biting, and generally going a little dog crazy.  Why we weren’t in there, I could not understand.  I wanted nothing more than to get in there and mix it up with the rest of those bad boys.  I was so excited about it I was crying.  So Mom finally gave in and let me go inside.

I’m sure she could have predicted the outcome because as soon as she took me off the leash I was gone like lightning!  I was running, jumping, growling and biting with the best of them.  There was one dog running with a tennis ball and a line of about ten other dogs chasing her – right up until a big dog decided to T-bone her.  Wow!  That was like a train wreck.  There was a huge pile-up of dogmanity!  It was frightening (for Mom, not for me).  Mom said it was a little like the Wild West, whatever that means.

As I was playing, somewhere in the distance amidst all of the barking and growling, I thought I might have heard Mom calling my name.  I sincerely tried to ignore it, but it got louder and more insistent….yep, it was her.  Darn it.  She was calling me out of the group.  I don’t know exactly why, but I went to her, and of all things, she hooked me back up on the leash!

I had a gash over my right eye.  I don’t know how I got it, and Mom doesn’t either.  She was worried about me.  See, at the dog park you don’t know who has their shots and who doesn’t.  You also don’t know if any of the dogs are sick or not, and everyone drinks out of the same water bowl.  Mom put me in the car and took me home.  She washed out the cut over my eye and it healed up within a few days.  Luckily I didn’t get sick.

Mom told me I’m not going back to the dog park anymore.  As much as it looked like fun, it really was dangerous to my health.  I could have caught a disease from one of the other dogs since no one checks to make sure that they have any of their vaccinations.  No one supervises the play area either, so if some of the dogs are mean or unruly their is no one there to protect the more mild-mannered dogs.  THAT is one of the big benefits of doggy daycare and what we do at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  Our play-time is always supervised so the more energetic dogs don’t get rough with the mild-mannered dogs.  And ALL the dogs are required to have proof of their vaccinations and their medical records are kept on file.

So if your dog needs exercise and you’re tempted to take him or her to the dog park, avoid the Wild West and protect your furry friend from possible injury and illness.  Bring him to All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare where all of the pets have had their vaccinations and the play is always supervised.  You’ll be glad you did, and your furry friend will thank you too!

See you there,


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Fleas and Ticks are coming to a yard near you!

Hey Folks,

Sammy here reporting that fleas and ticks are going to be out with a vengeance this season.  And the season is starting early!  Don’t forget that your furry friends don’t like those pesky fleas any more than you do.  Ticks!  Yuck!  Not only are they ugly, but they can carry life-threatening diseases like lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  There also is such a thing as tick-paralysis that can paralyze your furry friend from being able to walk if the wrong tick bites him or her, so please, please, PLEASE protect your pet by using a flea and tick preventive medicine.

Here’s another hint – buy your products from your veterinarian – NOT from you local box store.  You want your doctor to prescribe your drugs for you don’t you?  Would you buy your drugs based on the word of the cashier at the convenient mart?  Then you shouldn’t buy your dog or cat’s drugs based on something you pick up at a super store.  Your veterinarian should recommend your dog or cat’s flea and tick products.  Those products that you buy at WalMart, Walgreens, Lowe’s…..those can be dangerous to your pets.   Please trust your pet’s health to your vet.  After all, isn’t that why you go there in the first place?  So hurry up, the fleas and ticks are waiting – get going to your vet’s office and get some protection for your furry friends!

Stay itch-free,


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How Google Works (or doesn’t work)

Hi Folks,

Sammy here to share a little news with you.  I’m just learning about this web page stuff, and I learned today that in order for All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare to be easily found on Google, we have to mention certain words more often….words like kennel, pet boarding, etc.  Gosh, kennel is a word we don’t even use around here, because we think we’re the farthest thing from a kennel.  We think you’ll agree if you come in and take a look at our tempered glass front suites and beautiful play areas.  But, for us to be easily found on Google (the big know-it-all of the internet) we have to say the word kennel!  We also have to start calling ourselves dogs instead of furry friends.  How do you like that???  I feel much more like a furry friend when I’m at All Paws Inn than a dog, but Google doesn’t care.  They need me to be a dog in a kennel!  Hmmmph.

Well, all I can say is that if you need to board a pet (code words for allow your furry friend to vacation with us) in a kennel (more code words since we don’t have any of those here), come in and see our suites, our special synthetic K9 grass, and our rubber flooring in our play areas.  We believe that our facility has features that make us stand head and shoulders above the rest of the “kennels” in the area.  We invite you to come take a tour ANY time – and we mean ANY TIME during regular business hours – to see what we’re all about.  You’re always welcome at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  We are the farthest thing from a kennel when it comes to pet boarding.  And please don’t call me a dog – I’m a furry friend!

Love and sloppy wet kisses,


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