Summer Bugs

Hi Folks,

Sammy here to remind you now that summer is here, there are a few bugs floating around that you need to protect us from – by us, I mean your furry friends!

Fleas, of course are the bugs that YOU think of first, because they irritate you.  Well, they irritate your furry friends too, but for the most part they’re not life-threatening.  We here at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare recommend a monthly flea preventive used every 30 days to prevent an infestation.  Once you have an infestation on your dog or cat, you can bet it’s in your home – and that’s a tough project to clean up.  It could take up to three months or more to get a flea infestation in your home under control, so prevention is well worth the cost and effort.  And if we find fleas on your pet while they are here at All Paws Inn, you’ll be hearing from us right away.  We are happy to report that so far, all of our furry friends have been flea-free this season.

Next up, are those creepy, crawly bugs called ticks!  Those are some nasty bugs, and they also carry some nasty diseases.  They’re not just a nuisance.  They can carry Lyme disease which can make you and us pretty sick.  They also carry other diseases that you may never have heard of like erlichia and tick paralysis.  At All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare we also recommend that our furry friends be on a monthly tick preventive.  Ticks are rampant in our area, and this season has been especially bad already, so get your pet some tick prevention as soon as possible.

The deadliest, but the one you can’t see at all is Heartworm.  Heartworm is spread by mosquitos, and the mosquito population in our area is highly infected with heartworm.  It only takes one unlucky mosquito bite for your dog to become a heartworm victim, so don’t put his life at risk.  These worms cannot be seen and symptoms are not shown until it’s too late.  You cannot predict whether your dog is safe, even if it is an indoor pet  If left untreated, heartworms kill.  Monthly heartworm preventives can be purchased from your veterinarian for around $10 per month, sometimes less, and are truly a lifesaver for your pet.  Of all the things you shouldn’t skip, THIS IS THE ONE!  Please talk to your veterinarian about preventing heartworm in your pets.

So, keep your furry friends free of these nasty bugs please.

This is a bug-free Sammy, signing off for now – with lots of thankful kisses for the good medical care I get in my adoptive home,