Treadmill Training for your Furry Friends!


Hi Guys,

Sammy here to tell you about Treadmill Training for dogs at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare.  Yes, you heard me right!  We CAN teach an old dog new tricks.   Do you have one of those furry friends in your house that’s just full of energy?  Then bring him in to learn how to use a treadmill to burn off some of the excess.

I know alot of you folks have an old treadmill in your house… know, that thing in the bedroom that doubles as a dirty clothes hanger.  Yeh, that thing.  Maybe you use it once in a while and maybe you don’t, but whether you do or not, your dog sure can.  We can train your dog to exercise on the treadmill!  It only takes a few minutes to learn and it can take extra pounds off your dog and extra energy out of him too.

Is your dog destructive around the house?  Does he get anxious when you leave?  Does he tend to play too rough with the children or the other pets?  Many of these things can be helped by giving him a few minutes of exercise on the treadmill in the morning while you get ready for work.  The dog will enjoy the exercise and attention, it will help him focus his energy, you will have a better behaved dog, and your relationship with your pet will improve because of it.   There are numerous benefits to treadmill training, and it is very reasonably priced.  For 15 minutes of training the cost is only $12.  For 30 minutes it’s only $18.  Once your dog knows how to run on the treadmill you can do it at home yourself!

Come by All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare and talk to us about the benefits of Treadmill Training today.  You’ll be happy you did!

See you soon,