Cat Suites

Luxurious Cat SuitesFor our feline guests we offer “Le Chateau” – spacious, multi-level cat condos with private, hidden litter boxes to keep our guests feeling comfortable and clean.  The interior is constructed to allow for complete sanitizing between guests, and the airflow is designed to prevent the transmission of airborne illnesses.


Cats prefer to get most of their exercise jumping and climbing, and the multi-level architecture allows them to take full advantage of their instincts. And, each condo is large enough to accomodate a multiple cat family in one unit. The tempered glass fronts provide entertaining views to the outside.  In addition, if you like, your cat will be given individual play time in the cattery where he or she can stretch, romp, and scratch to their heart’s content. Le Chateau is the ultimate habitat for vacationing felines.

Or, if you prefer, your feline friend can have a room of his or her own, with all the amenities of home.  Bring the bed, the toys, the blankets, the food and water bowls – we have room for it all!