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Luxury Suites for Your Pets

Dogs, cats, and other pets enjoy staying and playing at All Paws Inn Pet Resort and Daycare in Belleville, IL. With all of our great services and amenities, how could they NOT like it?
doggy daycare at all paws inn pet resort and daycare, belleville, il

Doggy Daycare

Give your pup some supervised play time! Dogs are separated by size and/or energy level to make sure all of them have a great time in our clean, safe play areas. Senior pets have a dedicated area with more bedding and less strenuous activities. All activities are supervised by a trained professional.

Prior to admission, all dogs will be temperament tested. Immunizations must be current for rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, as well as have a negative fecal test. Dogs must be on a flea and tick preventative unless a veterinarian provides documentation that the dog cannot use the preventatives for medical reasons. All dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.

daycare pricing at all paws inn pet resort and daycare, belleville, il

Daycare Cost

  • Doggy Daycare is $30 per day, Monday-Thursday for a single dog. Additional dog is $25.00
  • Furry Fun full day on Friday $26.00
  • Full day on Saturday & Sunday is $25.00 (per dog)
  • Discounts are given for multiple dogs and prepaid packages
  • Half-day daycare Monday-Friday is $22 for either a 5-hour or under morning or afternoon session. Half-day sessions begin at 8:00 AM. for the morning session or at 1:00 PM for the afternoon session.
  • Half-day daycare on Saturday and Sunday is $22.
  • Medication administration of owner-provided meds: $2 per day for “Injectables only”
  • In-Suite Daycare will be $40. 
daycare pricing at all paws inn pet resort and daycare, belleville, il

Daycare Packages

  • 5 DAY DAYCARE PASS, $145 and $139 each additional dog.
  • 10 DAY DAYCARE PASS, $285 with $275 each individual dog
  • 20 DAY DAYCARE PASS, $564 with $552 each individual dog
  • 30 DAY DAYCARE PASS, $835 with $820 each individual dog


Dog Suites

Choose a 6’ x 6’ tempered glass suite or 6’ x 9’  tempered glass deluxe suite for your pet to enjoy. A 6’ x 12’ suite may be available to accommodate multiple-dog families. Each suite has a tempered-glass front and contains a comfortable bed and soft throw rug. Suites are sanitized daily and the unique construction prevents cross-contamination. Feel free to bring your pup’s toys, blankets, and bedding. If you bring your own bedding, please label it with permanent ink.

ALL boarding drop offs must be dropped off an hour before closing time.

Dog Suite Pricing

6’ x 6’ Tempered Glass Suite: $60.00 per night

Up to two dogs from the same household if all dogs are under 40 pounds: $91 per night.

Up to three dogs from the same household if all dogs are under 40 pounds: $139 per night. 

6’ x 9’ Tempered Glass Deluxe Suite: $70.00 per night (Daycare Included)

Two dogs in the same suite: $111 per night (limit four additional dogs)
Three dogs in the same suite: $169 per night (limit four additional dogs)

Private Room is $60.00

6’ x 12’ Executive Suite: $52 per night
Reserved for multiple large-dog household members when scheduling permits

A cancellation fee of $30 will be charged for boarding reservations canceled with less than 48-hours notice.

We offer kennel boarding (overflow only, when all suites are booked) for $58/a night. Owners must provide kennels and dogs must be approved and attend daycare daily. Daycare is included in price. If you choose to use one of our kennels and/or do not have a kennel, an additional $10 per night will be added to the charge for crate/kennel rental.

DAY SUITE BOARDING  – for kennel boarders who cannot attend daycare.  These dogs will be moved to a 6′ x 6′ suite during the day and will receive the same treatment as IN-SUITE DAYCARE, including individual play and potty trips.  $65.00                        

Cat Condos

Le Chateau, our spacious, multi-level cat condos, have private, hidden litter boxes so all of our kitty guests feel comfy and clean. Each condo is constructed for good air flow without cross-contamination and full sanitizing between guests. The multi-level architecture provides the perfect environment for jumping and climbing. If you’d like your cat to have an opportunity to play in a larger environment, they can have individual time in the cattery to stretch, romp, and scratch to their heart’s content.

Cat Condo Pricing

Single cat: $34.00 per day.
As our cat boarding has increased, we have noticed our increased time and costs associated with cat boarding.  Each cat receives individual attention daily, clean litter which we provide, a cat climbing condo, and in most cases an entire room to themselves.  We therefore find it necessary to align our cat boarding costs more closely with the dog costs.

Private Rooms for Cats

Cats can stay in Le Chateau or a private room of their own with all of the amenities of home: $36.00. If you bring your own bedding or toys, please label them with permanent ink.

Additional cats in same chateau: $28.50 (up to three cats from the same household). We have the ability to board your dogs and cats together in the same room.


– Must be pre-arranged and pre-paid by 6:30 p.m.  Pets must be picked up or dropped off in the hour of 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. If the 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. window is missed for pick-up your pet will be put into boarding and charged appropriately, including food if necessary. If your drop-off time is between 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. and that window is missed, the fee is forfeited. We cannot accept or allow pets to leave beyond the one hour window to allow our employees time for other animals in our care.

Other Pets

Hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, frogs, and snakes are all welcome. Please bring them in their own cages, and we’ll look after them while you’re gone. Please make arrangements in advance for exotic pets so that we can accommodate them. Pets of incompatible species will be housed separately.

All overnight boarding prices include feeding, administration of medications, and as many potty breaks as necessary for your pets’ comfort. Our high-quality pet food is available for $3.00, or bring your pet’s food at no charge. Make arrangements for your pet to have a vacation while you’re away. Call us at 618-233-PAWS or contact us for reservations today.

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